Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romantic DIY Candle Stand

I found this eco-friendly tutorial from Korean website.  Making romantic candle stand by using tuna can and wire hanger from dry cleaning shop. I found this tutorial is very useful because every time I wash my clothes with dry cleaning shop they alway give my clothes back with these wire hangers which is just useless for me and annoying to dispose~ so! this would be a good way to deal with your rubbish and turn into something useful! 

Place tuna can onto one piece of paper and draw a circle with can and then cut it out. Then, you need to drill a hole on each side so you can hang them with wire later on. (When you drill holes both of them need to be balanced to each other)

Cut a wooden chopstick and glue. After that, drill a hole as wide as the chopstick size and put the glued chopstick into the can and tighten it with bolt. 

Colour the can with your favourite colour. In this tutorial black colour and white colour was used. First of all, paint black colour first and then, varnish it. After the background colour and varnish dried, colour it with white but this time you need to wipe the white paint with wet towel occasionally to have the same effect as this tutorial. You would not want to end up with completely white colour candle stand. Put the wire through those holes and tighten it with a plier. Draw some artwork as you wish.

Now it is time to hang!

Decorate it with leaves and fruits to suit your taste


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