Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Origami Kisses chocolate for Dessert bar or Valentine's day

This morning I bought Kisses chocolate from sugar station on the Swanston street to show you how to fold this pumpkin shape box for little kisses chocolate. Enjoy  tutorial :-)

1-2.Diagonal fold paper both sides of paper
3-5. Fold in half for both sides of paper
5-6. Use the lines on the paper and fold the paper into a rectangular shape pocket
7.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark and undo it.
8.open each side conners and fold it in half using the lines from number 7
9-10.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark
11-12.Fold wings  
13-16.hold each side with fingers and hold it down to make ballon shape on the bottom
14. Open 2 folding and place chocolate in the paper and fold it again

This looks very simple but you can apply for many different things. You can display your dessert bar for your wedding reception to treat your guest, or can be a Valentine's day  present for your love.  By using different colour paper you can make initial of your name or some alphabet word that you want to play with.  Here are some examples.

If you glue the gap on the origami you can glue it so the little box stay strong, and you can also glue some decorations on it.  


  1. These look wonderful to make! What size is your square of paper that you use?

  2. These look lovely to make!!! What kind of paper?

  3. ow god i got suck, can you not make a video tutorial?

  4. You had to use dark purple paper? I can't see your folds.

  5. These are so cute! Was a little confused on the third row of pictures, but figured out that the folds in the first picture are undone, then reverse folded :] Great idea!

  6. These look great but what size paper are you using please?

  7. Looks like 3x3 or 2x2 squares to me..

  8. Might make a step by step video and upload it to youtube.


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