Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas inspiration

Christmas is coming soon. Here are some inspiration for your big day. Be inspire with DIY Ornament for your Christmas tree and small gift tags which would help your gift wrapping this year. 

Christmas gift tag by kikki.k

Christmas inspired wedding sweets

Christmas card designed by Karte Design Fabrik

Christmas decoration with nutcracker 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I went to Red hill for my birthday 2 weeks ago. I stayed in Lindenderry hotel for one night. I did horse back winery tour. It was such an amazing experience, I really enjoyed traveling wineries around by horse. Trainers guided us very well to make sure that all of us enjoy riding, safe and fun. After that I had a relaxation massage from hotel. It helped to relax my stiff body from 3 hours horse riding. To be honest, it was one of the best massage I ever had, even better than some of the massage shops in Thailand. I saw bunch of girls rode horse with us for hen's night and a reception party was on in the hotel. It was a just weekend away for me, but I found that this place also would be great for a wedding venue might as well. If you are thinking of Mornington Peninsula wedding, Lindenderry would be a perfect choice for you. With 30 acres of classic gardens and vineyards is ready for your garden ceremony. 40 luxury guest room would be enough to accomodate your family and friends. For more information visit their website.

Pictures are from 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bend and Snap Market

We went to Bend and Snap market in the city 2 weeks ago. Bend and Snap is a new indoor design market held the last Sunday of each month at Thousand £ Bend, 361 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne 3000. Symphonic pixels and us attend the market as stockholders. We sold our DIY Melbourne Cup Kit. Event hough, the weather was not perfect it was a quite successful day for Bend and Sanp market. If you want to buy special gift for this christmas, check out the next market!!  

They had a photo booth to entertain visiters, we contributed our Melbourne cup kit as well. 
Here are some photos from their facebook page.

Click on the link below to read more about Bend and Snap Market

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oakleigh Quality Cakes

I went to Niko in Oakleigh. There were so many lovely desert, but I only had a tea in the cafe because I just had dinner before I went there. However, I found these custom cake service they offer. It is a family business and you can bring drawing or picture so they make custom designed cake for you.

Check our their folio on the website

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bellflower inspired Engagement party

I went to a engagement party at Peacock hotel last weekend. It is located in the High  Street Northcote. I think it is a good spot for any kind of function or party. It's got such a lovely atmosphere with big private rooms and kind and friendly staffs. We helped her decorating her venue. 

The colour theme for this party was one of 2011 trendy colour 'Bellflower'.
We designed this cupcake pins and banners.

 These beautiful centrepiece and fascinator was designed by our florist. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend escape in Dandenong ranges

I went to Ttekceba  couple of years ago, and it was definitely one of my favourite weekend away. It is located in Dandenong Ranges and owned by a travel journalist. Ttekceba is decorated by many exotic props and it's got way bigger rooms than any hotels around Melbourne city. If you are looking for refreshing weekend away place I would recommend this place.

Living room


Dining area

Swimming pool


 There were many nice restaurants nearby but It was also good to cook in the venue as many kitchenware and some ingredient were provided.  This place is always busy so if you want to stay there for your special day booking in advance is essential. 

To find out more about this venue  visit the website Ttekceba

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Origami Kisses chocolate for Dessert bar or Valentine's day

This morning I bought Kisses chocolate from sugar station on the Swanston street to show you how to fold this pumpkin shape box for little kisses chocolate. Enjoy  tutorial :-)

1-2.Diagonal fold paper both sides of paper
3-5. Fold in half for both sides of paper
5-6. Use the lines on the paper and fold the paper into a rectangular shape pocket
7.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark and undo it. each side conners and fold it in half using the lines from number 7
9-10.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark
11-12.Fold wings  
13-16.hold each side with fingers and hold it down to make ballon shape on the bottom
14. Open 2 folding and place chocolate in the paper and fold it again

This looks very simple but you can apply for many different things. You can display your dessert bar for your wedding reception to treat your guest, or can be a Valentine's day  present for your love.  By using different colour paper you can make initial of your name or some alphabet word that you want to play with.  Here are some examples.

If you glue the gap on the origami you can glue it so the little box stay strong, and you can also glue some decorations on it.  

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