Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend escape in Dandenong ranges

I went to Ttekceba  couple of years ago, and it was definitely one of my favourite weekend away. It is located in Dandenong Ranges and owned by a travel journalist. Ttekceba is decorated by many exotic props and it's got way bigger rooms than any hotels around Melbourne city. If you are looking for refreshing weekend away place I would recommend this place.

Living room


Dining area

Swimming pool


 There were many nice restaurants nearby but It was also good to cook in the venue as many kitchenware and some ingredient were provided.  This place is always busy so if you want to stay there for your special day booking in advance is essential. 

To find out more about this venue  visit the website Ttekceba

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Origami Kisses chocolate for Dessert bar or Valentine's day

This morning I bought Kisses chocolate from sugar station on the Swanston street to show you how to fold this pumpkin shape box for little kisses chocolate. Enjoy  tutorial :-)

1-2.Diagonal fold paper both sides of paper
3-5. Fold in half for both sides of paper
5-6. Use the lines on the paper and fold the paper into a rectangular shape pocket
7.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark and undo it. each side conners and fold it in half using the lines from number 7
9-10.Fold side conners to fit the centre mark
11-12.Fold wings  
13-16.hold each side with fingers and hold it down to make ballon shape on the bottom
14. Open 2 folding and place chocolate in the paper and fold it again

This looks very simple but you can apply for many different things. You can display your dessert bar for your wedding reception to treat your guest, or can be a Valentine's day  present for your love.  By using different colour paper you can make initial of your name or some alphabet word that you want to play with.  Here are some examples.

If you glue the gap on the origami you can glue it so the little box stay strong, and you can also glue some decorations on it.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming soon : DIY Dessert bar

This week I am going to share a useful DIY by using kisses chocolate. This is how I wrap Valentine's day chocolate, I found this might be useful for any occasion. If you are thinking to treat your guest for your party or handing chocolate as a gift, this DIY would be perfect for you!
I am coming back with this tutorial anytime soon in this week :-)



Shortbread buttons, Cookie clouds and Ice cream clouds

I found these three cute recipes from Forty sixth at grace

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be inspired with 2011 spring trend colours (2)

(Pantone color number 13-0759)

Hi, here is another trendy colour of 2011 spring! Solar Power! I personally don't have any yellowish colour item in my wardrobe but I would like to try this bright colour this season!!


A online clothing shop ASURA just lunched few days ago!
Check out this cool website and find out what they have. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romantic DIY Candle Stand

I found this eco-friendly tutorial from Korean website.  Making romantic candle stand by using tuna can and wire hanger from dry cleaning shop. I found this tutorial is very useful because every time I wash my clothes with dry cleaning shop they alway give my clothes back with these wire hangers which is just useless for me and annoying to dispose~ so! this would be a good way to deal with your rubbish and turn into something useful! 

Place tuna can onto one piece of paper and draw a circle with can and then cut it out. Then, you need to drill a hole on each side so you can hang them with wire later on. (When you drill holes both of them need to be balanced to each other)

Cut a wooden chopstick and glue. After that, drill a hole as wide as the chopstick size and put the glued chopstick into the can and tighten it with bolt. 

Colour the can with your favourite colour. In this tutorial black colour and white colour was used. First of all, paint black colour first and then, varnish it. After the background colour and varnish dried, colour it with white but this time you need to wipe the white paint with wet towel occasionally to have the same effect as this tutorial. You would not want to end up with completely white colour candle stand. Put the wire through those holes and tighten it with a plier. Draw some artwork as you wish.

Now it is time to hang!

Decorate it with leaves and fruits to suit your taste

Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Centerpieces Made Out of Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons

I found this clever DIY Centerpieces from Intimate weddings.
This DIY used yellow, green and blue colour but you can create your own centerpieces with your favourite colour!!

If you are looking for DIY centerpieces that are super cheap and easy to make (albeit a bit time-consuming),  give these a whirl.
Cost: $2 – $3 per dozen (Assuming you already have acrylic paint and buttons on hand.)
One paper egg carton
12 pipe cleaners
24 gauge wire
Acrylic paint in your choice of colors
Floral tape
Paper clip
Varnish (optional)
Glue (I used wood glue, but regular white glue should do the trick.)

Find a paper egg carton.

Remove the egg carton cups using scissors.(I also cut a few of the triangular parts of the egg carton that are between the cups.)

Cut the egg carton cups into various flower shapes. (I fringed some, made some rounded and others were made into daffodil shapes.)

Paint the cups using acrylic paint. Let dry. Coat with glossy varnish. (This step is not mandatory, 
but if you want them to be glossy you will need to varnish them.)

Take the end of a paper clip and poke two holes into the back of one of the flowers.

Take 24 gauge wire and pipe cleaner and poke them through the bottom of one of the holes.

If you are going to add one of the triangles to the center instead of the button, weave the pipe cleaner 
through the other hole.

Glue the triangular shape to the middle of the flower and let dry.

If you are using a button for the center of the flower, place a button on the wire/pipe cleaner.

Forming a loop, bring wire/pipe cleaner through the other hole.

Take floral tape and begin wrapping just beneath the bottom of the flower. I hold the flower in my right hand (I am right-handed) and the tape in my left. I spin the flower with my left finger and thumb until the tape covers the length of the flower. This is a bit tricky at first, but after doing a few you will get the hang of it.

Presto! Your egg carton flower is done. Repeat 12 times and you and you’re on your way to creating some wonderful and whimsical DIY centerpieces!

This blog got many different centerpieces tutorial but this one is definitely one of my favourite!

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