Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Love heart balloon decoration

How to

1.Band two wires and make love heart shape
2.Connect two wires firmly with tape
3.Blow balloons (app 100~150 Number of balloons :12 Inch) and tie two white balloons together
4.Tie pink and purple balloons with 4.
5.Place the bunch of balloons (from 5.) into wire and fix balloons with wire
6.Move balloons around to make some shape as you wish


  1. How do you hang it...stand it up...or incorporate it into another piece securely?

    1. You can either hang it or put it on a stand. I make my own stands. I cut a piece of plywood. I cut it into 18 x 18 inches. Then at Home Depot or Lowe's you can by a Flange. Ask them and they will know what it is. You can buy metal or PVC type kind. It has 4 holes for screws.
      Put the Flange in the center of board and screw the 4 holes. The Flange will have a thread type hole so you need to buy a connector to attach to flange. Then the PVC poles needs a connector as well to connect to the threaded flange. If you give them the ideas at Lowe's they can point you in the right direction. Then you hang your heart on the pole. I usually cut the pole at 6 ft but you can cut the pole to the size of your liking.

  2. Replies
    1. My husband bought me 3/8 aluminum fuel line wire. He bought it on line at jegz.com or you can also use summit.com
      He is a mechanic and he uses this type of wire for fuel lines in cars.
      It is very bendable and you can reuse it for the next party and reshape it.
      I have my own balloon business and I use this. Some people don't like to give others their secret but I love to help. Hope that helps

      Good Luck!

      Veronica Sanchez

  3. How long of a piece did you cut for the heart?

  4. How long of a piece did you cut for the heart?


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